Police Drama Marketing Campaign / Contest

I put together a presentation for my project idea here.  I emphasized some of the things I hadn’t talked about in class, such as similar past projects I took inspiration from.  I also narrowed the scope a little bit, so while it’s still meant to be a marketing campaign for a TV show, it’d be more doable as a class project.  I decided to focus a little more on how story would be integrated into it, too, having smaller character stories related through the in-game “phone calls” players will overhear.

Adam Morgenstern_- TheWireGamePresentation


Case Study: ilovebees

I decided to change my case study and do ILoveBees, which was an alternate reality game marketing campaign for the release of the video game Halo 2.  I think it’s a pretty interesting example of an ARG that was almost an entertainment product on its own, with a 5+ hour radio drama-style story only very loosely tied to the video game storyline.  42 Entertainment created and ran the ARG for Bungie, and it was very successful, with millions of players, but it’s still very difficult to assess its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Here’s a link to my PowerPoint presentation.
And the original ARG site is still up and archived.