It’s Jess

Here’s a link to my powerpoint:

I decided to can the pizza oven idea. I was struggling to find a way to create a narrative around the idea. I watch a ton of television, so I decided to focus on Jess from New GirlThe series has already toyed with transmedia a bit. The character Schmidt released a book last year The Douche Journals. 



A Case Study: The Floating City

Brief Background:

Musician Thomas Dolby created the transmedia project The Floating City as a tie-in to his latest album released back in 2011. Dolby left music years ago to work in Silicon Valley, so it was only fitting for him to somehow tie-in his tech experience with his return to music. 

The Floating City is a rich transmedia game with a living world that changes and reacts to player contributions. It uses web browsers, social networks, and even smart phones and iPads as a way for fans to access his latest musical endeavors.”

Here is a link to the website if you want to check it out–

And here is a link to my Powerpoint on The Floating City