This is the website for Vladan Nikolic’s Storytelling Across Media taught in the graduate program in Media Studies at The New School University, Spring 2013.

Traditional linear storytelling in film and video is increasingly supplanted or replaced by hybrid ‘transmedia’ approaches that function across platforms and formats. The rise of short-form and user-generated content online, video gaming, interactive technologies and virtual worlds has broadened possibilities for audience participation in the creation of stories. New funding and distribution models enable the makers to cultivate and reach their audiences directly, not only through industry intermediaries.

This class allows students to experiment with these new forms and strategies, apply transmedia approaches in their own work, and learn how storylines translate and transform through different media. By discussing case studies, the course first introduces students to various forms of storytelling through different media. Students are then asked to individually develop a project proposal, with an emphasis on organic development of a story through multiple cross-media platforms. During the second half of the semester students work in small groups on selected proposals, adapting a story across media—such as film or video, social media, blogs, websites, as well as live performance and interactions—and producing sketches and prototypes. The class also addresses ways of integrating funding and distribution (e.g. crowdsourcing and online streaming) into a project’s overall concept.


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