Here’s a link to a draft website that houses my Transmedia project.  It provides insight into the idea.  The title is Mali: Development.  A Transmedia project to explore international development issues.  

I wanted to attached a Word document with a brief overview of the project, but don’t see that option, so am inserting it here.    


Mali: Development                                                                                                                       A Transmedia Project to explore international development issues.

 Main Transmedia Features

Website to house the features.

  • Video to provide personal edge and insight.
  • Diagrams to organize time and events – year of independence, SAPs, imposed, etc.
  • Questions to peak further curiosity

The Diagrams and Questions are both interactive, bumping into the same territory of Official Perspectives and Dissenting Perspectives of international development approaches. 

The Goal of the project is to provide a thoughtful way to explore and build understanding about the complexities of international development so that productive dialogue might contribute to better approaches. 

Target audience.  This project is geared toward an audience interested in international development – students, practitioners, etc.

Creatives. A team of people will be required to successfully launch and maintain the project.  A project manager (Susan), a scholar (preferably Malian), an IT person (with creative capabilities), and guest providers of information, and a visual artist contact in Mali to provide current video clips and photos from Mali.

Budget.  No budget required at this time, unless IT expertise is not found on a voluntary basis. 


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