Disruption: Crowd Funding Confirms Niche Audience

The Age of Disruption is upon us. Repent if you’re a studio major that scoffed at the likes of a Veronica Mars movie or Firefly Movie (in this case sequel) ever reaching its puny fan base. Turns out the fan base ain’t so puny… Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas launched (with the participation of key cast members) 2 days ago a Kickstarter campaign to raise $2 Million and achieved the funding goal in 24 hours. There remains still a little less than a month before the Kickstarter campaign comes to a close but its already a considered success story and surely a record breaker. With over 50’000 backers the project has confirmed its niche audience and this has not gone unnoticed by the Majors. 24 hours after the launch Warner Bros. confirms it has greenlit the project and its Digital Distribution arm will finance distribution of the film and its marketing to the Marshmellows (Nick name for the Veronica Mars Fan Base). Let’s just hope for our sake that the Majors don’t co-opt the Disruption like they successfully did with the Indie Movie sub-culture in the 90s.

The Kickstarter Campaign’s rewards column deserves some attention as it demonstrates the Fan base’s financial clout and willingness to push this project through the production pipeline. 271 backers willingly pledged $1’000 or more (the maximun pledge was $10’000) to the campaign

Though this not a direct example of Transmedia it does bring to mind Vladan’s class discussion about disrupting the traditional business model, identifying/quantifying your audience. This case provides some serious food for thought for the prototypes of our future projects.

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